Jag har sökt efter lösning på detta, men inte hittat något.
Har haft detta problem sedan jag installerade Windows, nu vill jag hitta en lösning!

Ljudet fungerar perfekt för alla applikationer under Mac OSX (kör senaste 10.6) MEN under windows har det aldrig lirat.

Spelar ingen roll vilken applikation man använder, Windows Media Player, Spotify eller någon annan. Ljudet hackar till med (o)jämna mellanrum. Händer typiskt flera gånger på en låt. Har inte hittat nåt på detta forum, men hittade några posts från Apples användarforum. Kanske är det relaterat till SSD?? Jag la i alla fall in en post på det forumet, se nedan för detaljer om drivare etc. Tacksam för all feedback, även från de som INTE har detta problem, om nu inte alla som kör Win 7 på Macbook Air har dessa störningar.


I did a search on this and found some posts from other users (see below)but no solution. I have upgraded the driver to, I have installed the recent update of Bootcamp (3.2.2646), but the issue remains. Sounds playing in different applications are effected, though it seems to be more frequent when playing locally stored content (buffering??)

When running in MacOS 10.6, the sound works perfectly. Have anyone managed to solve this? Or, perhaps someone NOT having this issue could get in touch, so I could try to replicate your settings/drivers.


Old posts:

Running Windows 7 RTM on MBA - sound crackling, stuttering
Posted on: Oct 16, 2009 12:17 AM, by user: AllanMAX -- Relevance: 100%

I have a 09 MacBook Air with 128GB SSD and 2GB RAM.
Now, I have installed Windows 7 RTM Build 7600 on my MBA and it always suffer sound crackling, shuttering when playing music ...) but with all of them problem is still not resolved. It stutters, scratches, sounds metallic, etc.

Does anyone have the same issue on the new MacBook Air? Or how I can get this resolved

Re: Running Windows 7 RTM on MBA - sound crackling, stuttering
Posted on: Mar 6, 2010 2:08 PM, by user: ExcelonGT -- Relevance: 47%
, Win 7 x64 RTM since August 09.

Just this week, I reinstalled Windows 7 x64 fully legit ... NEVER had this stuttering problem until now. I was running Bootcamp 2 under Windows 7 before ...I don't think this is a hardware issue and here is why:

I have a Rev A MBA (1.8ghz ....0.1.5936
I really think this issue is caused by the Realtek Driver and/or Bootcamp 3.0/3.1

Re: Running Windows 7 RTM on MBA - sound crackling, stuttering
Posted on: Nov 22, 2009 10:04 PM, by user: DarniederProductions -- Relevance: 43%
I had the same problems but now I’m running win 7 on boot camp instead of parallels and I have no sound at all. The head phone jack has a ominous red light emanating out of it as well! HELP!!!!

Re: Running Windows 7 RTM on MBA - sound crackling, stuttering
Posted on: Feb 1, 2010 7:38 PM, by user: godudi -- Relevance: 38%
I have the same problem, and also tried several drivers from Realtek Website.
Also updated bootcamp to 3.1 but problem still exists!!

At the beginning i thought it might be HW related problem, but sound works flawlessly on MAC OS.

Any advice?